Swapnesh Samaiya

December 2016, photographed by Kirti Shah

Hi, I'm Swapnesh, I design games, play and learning experiences.

I work as an independent designer and researcher, with studios, startups and in collaboration with other designers, artists, researchers, and developers. I'm also a hobbyist toy maker and interested in creating tools and processes for children to tinker, create and express playfully.

Currently, I'm working with Grok! helping build games for children that impart 21st century skills. Previously I've worked as a design consultant with Crejo, BYJU's, Bright Champ, Vihara, NID, and other organizations in the area of game design, research, gamification, and playful learning. I also help and conduct workshops for teachers, children and homeschoolers in developing playful learning tools and material based on designing for tinkerability.

My current area of interest is in exploring games and play as a form of non-linguistic communication, to explore, express, and learn non-linear ideas/systems in an abstract and creative ways. My other interests are in the areas of aesthetics of play, play and learning, non-representational games, serious games, art games, ludic heritage, meaningful gamification, comparative media studies, craft research and documentation, generative design and design education.

I enjoy listening to Hindustani Classical, Folk, and Jazz music. I like reading children books, specially those written by children, love flipping pages a lot. Eric Rohmer is my current favorite director. I support absurdism, coexistence, free as in freedom and the grasshopper.



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