Swapnesh Samaiya

Game of Choice, Not Chance

Game of Choice, not Chance, is a USAID-funded pilot program in India for urban and peri-urban adolescent girls between the age of 15-19 to provide sexual and reproductive health knowledge through a narrative based video game based on real life scenarios. In the game players chooses to play as a character which best represent their own physical, demographic and psychographic manifestations and make choices for the character. This allows players to be an active agent within the safe virtual environment, acquire knowledge, and negotiate on different topics with different non playing characters (NPCs) as they navigate through the characters journey, make choices and see the simulated outcomes of their choices.

This is a multi organizational collaboration project between different agencies for research, design, art and tech. I worked as a Game Designer with Vihara Innovation Network, a design consultancy studio, who lead the creative and design part of the project. My work involved designing tools for the research, planing and conducting field research with other researchers, ideation and brainstorming with the team, concept creation and contributing game design perspectives to the project.

This work is under NDA, to know more, please feel free to contact on mail.

Project website :   gameofchoicenotchance.com

Research: Girl Effect
Game Design: Vihara Innovation Network
Art & Tech: Indusgeeks
Client: Howard Delafield International
Donor: USAID
Special Thanks: All the girl respondents who helped with the research in Delhi and Jaipur.