Swapnesh Samaiya

Hello, Internet!

So, after my convocation, I came back home in March, and just a few days later the lockdown was announced, and we were all forced to quarantine for an indefinite period of time. The situation outside has been degrading everyday and now its getting even worst, so the best I could do probably was to stay home. In last few months, I had a luxury of a lot of free time and being at home, which I've been enjoying in creating, and learning new things. Last month I thought of utilizing this time to delve into web development and upgrade my previous bootstrappy, barely functional, and non-inviting webpage to a new, simple, lightweight and blog aware site. I was planning to make it from scratch because the engineer in me was leaning towards Stallman style web pages with just hyperlinks with no javascript or even CSS, but the designer in me couldn't resist styling, so I thought maybe I'll go for something that is functional, visually clean, but built with minimum dependencies.

I started exploring Jekyll and soon with a few tweaks I had a basic structure that progressively ended up to this site. I was already using GitHub Pages for my old static websites, so Jekyll was a good go with easy deployment and pushing updates. It's built for blog, is flexible, and more importantly open source. A perfect combination I was looking for. I'm using sidey for the blog, siema for the slider, and lightbox for lightbox.

Here, I plan to post about things I'm working on, thinking of, and intermittently my personal experiences (self talk) in the form of text and visuals, mostly text. I'm also trying to make this a documentation space for work (basically portfolio) and thoughts that I don't want to fade away from my memory but eventually they do, to make me look back and feel nostalgic about how stupid/brilliant I was in the past(assuming we both will be alive). I'm not a very social (or social media) person, and I always wanted to have my own small space on the crowded web where I can express without pressure and can have control over the content I post. I hope to be regular and make at least one or more posts a month depending on what is happing in that month. There are more things that I keep telling myself to justify my actions, but I guess, for now, this much seems convincing. Let's see how it goes. :)