Swapnesh Samaiya

Tabletop Mentorship Program

A few days back I came across a tweet about Tabletop Mentorship Program, which is a three month long one-on-one engagement platform where the experts in the industry share their knowledge, resources, experience, and guidance with another member of the community. I thought committing to this program will keep me focus at least for three months on one project, and it's a great chance to learn from an experienced published designer, so I applied as a mentee and got Jeffrey Allers as my mentor. He is an award wining designer with over 15 years of experience in tabletop game design.

We are working on an abstract strategy sort of a game, and might change to something else in coming days. Jeff is helping me with the design and providing useful feedback and ideas in every aspect of the game which is really helpful and motivates me to work. By the end of this program I hope to make a playable prototype which I can test with people. I will be posting the progress and design logs on this blog Lonely Night Project where I keep my project journal.